Most grasses utilized for planting grass seed in Maryland can be separated into two major groups. If you live in a warmer climate you should opt for warm season grasses, and if you live in a rather colder climate, you should choose cool season grasses. If you live in a rather warmer part of the state, you can choose Bermuda grass, Zoysia grass, and St. Augustine grass, and if you live in a colder part of the state, opt for seeds native to tropical regions of the globe. Warm season grasses are mostly grown across the southern region within the US, while cool season grasses grow well in areas where temperatures tend to be cooler. Cool season grasses can also prosper in sunlight, so basically you can grow them in mild climate. They are also great for over-seeding warm season grasses throughout the colder winter months. When it comes to where to buy bulk grass seed, there are many well-equipped grass seed suppliers in Maryland. Before opting for a grass seed type that will best suit your climate, needs, and taste, you should learn the benefits and downfalls of planting each grass type.

Warm Season Grasses

Bermuda grass is a fine-bladed grass that grows strongly without causing the homeowner any major problems. Although it is strongly bond to the soil, it demands a lot of sun. It is best to be cut low. Since it grows vigorously, it can sustain a lot of foot traffic, heat, salt and even draught. There are many types of this grass, but if you are interested in hybrid varieties, you should know that all of them have to be established from vegetative plant parts and not from seed. Common Bermuda grass is widely used across the country, but hybrid types can also be found if you put in a little more effort.


Zoysia Grass may be hard to grow because it grows slow and requires a lot of care. However, if you go through its dormant season, you will get a wonderful fine-textured lawn. You can grow it both by using seeds or vegetative parts of the plant. Once this type of grass is fully grown, it requires little maintenance Zoysia leaves and stems are also very strong and it can handle a lot of foot traffic and draught. Little water is required for it to grow well during the summer months. You just need to provide your lawn enough shade. If you don’t mind planting a slow-growing grass, this is the right choice.

Cool Season Grasses

Bent Grass requires a lot of maintenance to grow successfully. If you opt for this particular type, you will need a lot of grass fertilizer. Frequent mowing, watering and disease control is also required. With adequate water and frequent mowing, they can create beautiful lawns in cool weathers. However, during hot summer months, they’re susceptible to disease attack. Without proper care, the once fine leaves of the grass will make up a thick, unpleasant grass cover.

Rye Grass is medium-coarse textured grass that is easy to grow and it is also widely used to over-seed warm season grasses during colder months. This grass is light, with wider leaf blades and with proper care it can create a beautiful lawn.